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Running MySQL Cluster over multiple Windows servers

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Following on from the earlier article on running MySQL Cluster on a single Windows host, this one looks at installing and running over multiple Windows machines.

In this post, the MySQL Cluster database will be split over 3 Windows machines:

  • 2 hosts with each running 1 data node
  • 3rd host running management node and 2 MySQL Servers








The first step is to download and install the software on each of the Windows hosts.…

My first Cluster running on Windows

I figured that it was time to check out how to install, configure, run and use MySQL Cluster on Windows. To keep things simple, this first Cluster will all run on a single host but includes these nodes:

  • 1 Management node (ndb_mgmd)
  • 2 Data nodes (ndbd)
  • 3 MySQL Server (API) nodes (mysqld)

Downloading and installing

Browse to the Windows section of the MySQL Cluster 7.0 download page and download the installer (32 or 64 bit).…