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MySQL Cluster 7.3 GA – webinar replay + Q&A now available

MySQL Cluster 7.3 logoIf you missed the recent MySQL Cluster 7.3 GA webinar then the replay is now available here.

In the webinar replay you can learn how MySQL Cluster 7.3 has delivered key features enabling the latest generation of web and mobile services to take advantage of high scalability on commodity hardware, SQL and NoSQL interfaces and 99.999% availability; these include:

  • Support for Foreign Key constraints – implemented to be as compatibile with InnoDB as possible
  • NoSQL JavaScript connector allowing native access from node.js

Upcoming webinar: MySQL 5.6 Replication – For Next Generation of Web and Cloud Services

On Wednesday (16th May 2012), Mat Keep and I will be presenting the new replication features that are previewed as part of the latest MySQL 5.6 Development Release. If you’d like to attend then register here.

MySQL 5.6 delivers new replication capabilities which we will discuss in the webinar:

  • High performance with Multi-Threaded Slaves and Optimized Row Based Replication
  • High availability with Global Transaction Identifiers, Failover Utilities and Crash Safe Slaves & Binlog
  • Data integrity with Replication Event Checksums
  • Dev/Ops agility with new Replication Utilities, Time Delayed Replication and more

The session will wrap up with resources to get started with MySQL 5.6 and an opportunity to ask questions.…

MySQL Cluster Webinar on Wednesday: What’s New in MySQL Cluster 7.2.1 Development Milestone Release

There’s a webinar this Wednesday (9 am Pacific; 5 pm UK; 6 pm CET) that explains what’s new in the MySQL Cluster Development Milestone Release – register here for free access.

Join this session to learn about the latest enhancements to the MySQL Cluster database, enabling even more of the latest generation of web, telecoms and embedded applications to take advantage of high write scalability, SQL and NoSQL interfaces and 99.999% availability.…

Webinar: Delivering Scalable and Highly Available Session Management with MySQL Cluster

Update – the webinar replay is now available from http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/on-demand-webinars/display-od-630.html?clusterdb

There is a free webinar today (31st May) covering the use of MySQL Cluster in session management – register for free here. The session starts at 9:00 am Pacific, 17:00 UK, 18:00 Central European Time.…

High Availability Solutions – part for the MySQL On Windows Forum

STOP PRESS: the recording of this forum is now available for replay.

On March 16th, we’re holding an on-line forum to discuss MySQL on Windows – I’ll be handling the High Availability session (includes MySQL replication and MySQL Cluster). The event runs from 9 am Pacific Time until 12:00 pm; the HA session is schedules for 11:00 Pacific and runs for half an hour.…

Free webinar – Scaling web apps with MySQL (an alternative to the MEMORY storage engine)

Mat Keep and I will be presenting this free webinar on Wednesday 14 July.

The MEMORY storage engine has been widely adopted by MySQL users to provide near-instant responsiveness with use cases such as caching and web session management. As these services evolve to support more users, so the scalability and availability demands can start to exceed the capabilities of the MEMORY storage engine.…

Webinar today – Scaling Web Services with MySQL Cluster, Part 1: An Alternative to MySQL Server & memcached

The replay of this webinar is now available from http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/on-demand-webinars/display-od-545.html

MySQL and memcached has become, and will remain, the foundation for many dynamic web services with proven deployments in some of the largest and most prolific names on the web. There are classes of web services however that are update-intensive, demanding real-time responsiveness and continuous availability.…

Free MySQL webinar today – High Availability Architectures for Online Applications

Update: You can now download a recording of the webinar and the slides from http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/on-demand-webinars/display-od-403.html

I’ll be presenting the fourth (and final) session of the MySQL for Online Applications webinar series today (29 September). Today’s High Availability Architectures for Online Applications webinar covers:

  • MySQL Replication
  • MySQL Cluster
  • Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD)
  • Other high-availability technologies

Register here.…