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Using JavaScript and Node.js with MySQL Cluster – First steps

MySQL Cluster driver for JavaScript/Node.js

We’re very pleased to announce that MySQL Cluster 7.3 has gone GA; for a full run-down of the new features and enhancements, take a look at the "MySQL Cluster 7.3 New Features for Internet-Scale Performance with Carrier-Grade Availability" white paper but this post will focus on just one of the features – the MySQL Cluster JavaScript Driver for Node.js.…

Webinar: MySQL Cluster, Scaling Web Databases with Auto-Partitioning and SQL/NoSQL Access

Update: webinar replay is now available from http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=311660&s=1&k=3DCFE1CB3E1CF3F0FD0969DC66D93989

On Thursday 26th May Mat Keep and I will be presenting a webinar on how MySQL Cluster can deliver linear scalability – together with some tips on how to achieve it. As always the webinar is free but you need to register here.…