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Using JavaScript and Node.js with MySQL Cluster – First steps

MySQL Cluster driver for JavaScript/Node.js

We’re very pleased to announce that MySQL Cluster 7.3 has gone GA; for a full run-down of the new features and enhancements, take a look at the "MySQL Cluster 7.3 New Features for Internet-Scale Performance with Carrier-Grade Availability" white paper but this post will focus on just one of the features – the MySQL Cluster JavaScript Driver for Node.js.…

Webinar: MySQL Cluster, Scaling Web Databases with Auto-Partitioning and SQL/NoSQL Access

Update: webinar replay is now available from http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=311660&s=1&k=3DCFE1CB3E1CF3F0FD0969DC66D93989

On Thursday 26th May Mat Keep and I will be presenting a webinar on how MySQL Cluster can deliver linear scalability – together with some tips on how to achieve it. As always the webinar is free but you need to register here.…

Are you using NoSQL databases?

We’re interested in finding out what NoSQL databases you might be using (and we include MySQL Cluster in that list when using one of its NoSQL interfaces such as the NDB API or ClusterJ).

To figure this out we’ve posted a quick poll on the home page of dev.mysql.com (go straight to the bottom-right corner of the page) – please take 30 seconds to complete it (it shouldn’t take any longer than that) if you can.…