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On-line add-node with MCM; a more complex example

I’ve previously provided an example of using MySQL Cluster Manager to add nodes to a running MySQL Cluster deployment but I’ve since received a number of questions around how to do this in more complex circumstances (for example when ending up with more than 1 MySQL Server on a single host where each mysqld process should use a different port).…

MySQL Scaling breakfast seminar – London, April 25th

I’ll be presenting on/demoing MySQL Cluster 7.2 at this free breakfast seminar in Oracle’s London office on 25th April – starting with coffee at 9:00 and ending with lunch at 13:00 (quite a generous take on “breakfast”!). Space is limited and so if you would like to attend then register early here.…

1 Billion queries per minute and much more – free webinar on MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA

Oracle announced the General Availability of MySQL Cluster 7.2 today. Join this live webinar to learn about what’s new in the production-ready, GA release of MySQL Cluster 7.2, enabling the latest generation of web and telecoms applications to take advantage of high write scalability, SQL and NoSQL interfaces and 99.999%…

1 Billion Queries Per Minute – MySQL Cluster 7.2 is GA!

Oracle have just announced that MySQL Cluster 7.2 is now GA and available for production deployments.

Amongst the highlights for the release are:

  • Performance enhancements delivering 1 billion queries per minute, using just 8 data nodes
  • 70x higher JOIN performance with Adaptive Query Localization, enabling real-time analytics across live data sets
  • New NoSQL API via Memcached, creating a persistent, key-value datastore for schema and schemaless data
  • Auto-sharding across data centers with synchronous replication for scaling of highly available, global services
  • Simplified ease-of-use with new options for on-premise and cloud deployments
  • Integration with the latest MySQL 5.5

70x Faster Joins with AQL now GA with MySQL Cluster 7.2

The new GA MySQL Cluster 7.2 Release (7.2.4) just announced by Oracle includes 2 new features which when combined can improve the performance of joins by a factor of 70x (or even higher). The first enhancement is that MySQL Cluster now provides the MySQL Server with better information on the available indexes which allows the MySQL optimizer to automatically produce better query execution plans.…

Chance to give your views on MySQL Cluster 7.2 content

MySQL Cluster 7.2 Quick PollThe MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone Release has been out for a while now and we’d love to hear which are your favourite features – it takes just a few seconds to complete the Quick-Poll. It should literally take seconds to complete and will provide us with valuable feedback on the kind of features are most useful – so that we can build more of them in the future!…