MySQL InnoDB Cluster – Automatic Node Provisioning

The MySQL Development Team is very excited and proud of what was achieved in this 8.0.17 GA release!

The spotlight is on… A game-changer feature – Automatic Node provisioning!

This has been an extremely desired and important feature, and it has been accomplished, once again, with tight integration and cooperation of MySQL Components:

  • The new MySQL Clone Plugin: To take a physical snapshot of the database and transfer it over the network to provision a server, all integrated into the server, using regular MySQL connections.
  • Group Replication: To integrate the Clone Plugin on the recovery process of joining instances.
  • MySQL Shell/AdminAPI: To transparently and automatically configure and manage InnoDB cluster to provide automatic node provisioning when pertinent.

Here’s a sneak preview of it in action. But stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts describing in detail how 8.0.17 introduces this game-changer feature!


MySQL 8.0.17 GA and all its components can be downloaded from

Enjoy, and Thank you for using MySQL!

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About Miguel Araújo

Miguel Araújo is a Principal Software Engineer on the MySQL Team, at Oracle. He's the Tech Lead of the AdminAPI, core component of MySQL InnoDB Cluster, at the MySQL Shell team. In the past, he has worked on different projects and teams, mostly related to Middleware and High-Availability. He has a Computer Science Engineering degree and Master's degree, from the University of Minho, Portugal, where he was also a researcher. His backgrounds are on distributed systems, scalability, database replication and high-availability. He is based in Portugal.

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