MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.6 released!

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.6 is now available for download from My Oracle Support.

In MCM 1.4.6, the list backups command has been extended with a new –agent option for listing agent backups created with the backup agents command.

The output can be filtered with the –backupid option:

The backupids for agent backups reflect the Unix Epoch times at which the backups were taken.

A number of bugfixes also went into MCM 1.4.6, most notably:

  • Write a [system] section when generating the ndb_mgmd config.ini file
  • Settings from [system] section of ndb_mgmd config.ini are now imported during import config
  • The collect logs command didn’t include rotated agent logs
  • Automatic node restarts are no longer attempted during agent shutdown

Also, MCM 1.4.6 bundles the recently released MySQL Cluster 7.5.10.

More details
More details on the above, and more, are available in the MCM 1.4.6 Release Notes.

Updated documentation is available here.


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