MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 released

MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 is available for download from My Oracle Support.

More details are available in the the MCM 1.3.6 Release Notes.

Updated documentation is available here.

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About Thomas Nielsen

Thomas Nielsen is a software engineer, and the Team Lead for MySQL Cluster Manager, at Oracle. He has worked on different high availability products and technologies in databases, as well as JavaDB, before joining the MySQL Cluster team. He holds an engineering degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and his past-time passion is gliding instruction and cross country soaring.

One thought on “MySQL Cluster Manager 1.3.6 released

  1. Dear Mr. Nielsen,

    I’m writing after hours spending bug fixing a MySQL Cluster. Please let me try to explain: the MySQL Cluster includes two hosts, every host is accessable using tools like MySQL Workbench. When I insert data to host one, they can be seen immediately at the second host. Perfect – but now we configured a single virtual IP which forwards requests on port 3306 to host one or two using round robin. Now when I try to connect the databases via this virtual IP, no data or tables are shown – but on the other hand, when I create a new database and tables from this virtual IP they can be seen when connecting host one or two directly …

    I’d be really greatful, if you can share me any ideas how to bring this construct to life.
    Best regards, Reinhard Weber

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