5 thoughts on “MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.2 released

  1. Dear Andrew,

    We have a 4node cluster with 2 datanodes and 2 servers+mgrs cohosting and use NDB alone in Application(ndb c++ apis only). We are looking at MySQL CGE tools for backup and monitor.

    Is it really worth buying CGE for such a small scale 4 nodes? And is NDB Engine backup is “Hot” and supported by Mysql Enterprise Backup?



    1. Syed,

      you can perform on-lne (hot) backups with the community/GPL version of MySQL Cluster through the ndb_mgm CLI. MySQL Cluster Manager simplifies the process – especially when you do the restore as it becomes a single command (rather than having to restore each data node separately).

      Of course there are other advantages to using the commercial version including all of the functionality in MySQL Cluster Manager, MySQL Enterprise Monitor and of course, support. If you were accessing data via MySQL Servers then you coul also benefit from its commercial plugins (such as thread pooling).

      Regards, Andrew.

  2. Andrew,

    Thanks for keeping your site up to date. I am a frequent visitor of your site.

    Do you happen to have any white paper on
    “MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2.2″ ?

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