4 thoughts on “MySQL Cluster 7.3.3 Released

  1. Hello Andrew,I do not have much experience with the MySQL Cluster. But we have one with version 7.2 in use and some big problems with this. I would like to update to the latest version. In addition I have downloaded the version 7.3.3. But I do not get this installed with the autoinstaller. It failing again and again with the connection to the other computer. It is to be established an SSH channel, but what do you use? Mysql is to be built on a Windows7 system. What SSH client can I take it? I urgently your need help.

    1. For a Windows ssh client I use Putty. If you also need a Windows ssh server then you can try FreeSSHd.


      1. Hello Andrew,
        now i have installed copssh server. i have acces form the install Pc to the clients via putty, but not from the auto_installer. What is wrong?

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