Do you want to learn more about DevOps and MySQL?

Are you attending Oracle Open World? Would you like to know more about Oracle DevOps products for managing your MySQL servers? If so, stop by Tuesday, September 30 at 10:15 in the Hotel Nikko – Bay View and join us for a hands on lab (HOL9234) for MySQL Utilities and Connector/Python.

We will present the basics for getting started using Python to manage your MySQL servers. MySQL Utilities includes utilities for a wide variety of operations from displaying GRANT statements to setting up automatic failover for replication.

Check out the abstract for the HOL here.

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About Chuck Bell

Charles Bell conducts research in emerging technologies. He is a member of the Oracle MySQL Development team and is the team lead for the MySQL Utilities team. He lives in a small town in rural Virginia with his loving wife. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005. Dr. Bell is an expert in the database field and has extensive knowledge and experience in software development and systems engineering. His research interests include 3D printers, microcontrollers, three-dimensional printing, database systems, software engineering, and sensor networks. He spends his limited free time as a practicing Maker focusing on microcontroller projects and refinement of three-dimensional printers.