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MySQL Cluster 7.3 GA – Includes MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer

MySQL Cluster 7.3 has just been declared Generally Available (and with it the new MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer) – download it from here.

Deploying a well configured cluster has just got a lot easier! Oracle have released a new auto-installer/configurator for MySQL Cluster that makes the processes extremely simple while making sure that the cluster is well configured for your application.…

Using JavaScript and Node.js with MySQL Cluster – First steps

MySQL Cluster driver for JavaScript/Node.js

We’re very pleased to announce that MySQL Cluster 7.3 has gone GA; for a full run-down of the new features and enhancements, take a look at the "MySQL Cluster 7.3 New Features for Internet-Scale Performance with Carrier-Grade Availability" white paper but this post will focus on just one of the features – the MySQL Cluster JavaScript Driver for Node.js.…

Deploying MySQL Cluster over multiple hosts

This post builds upon the earlier article (Creating a simple Cluster on a single LINUX host) which explained how to install and run a Cluster where all of the nodes run on the same physical host.

The single host solution is not great for a real deployment – MySQL Cluster is designed to provide a High Availability (HA) solution by synchronously replicating data between data nodes – if all of the data nodes run on a single host that that machine is a single point of failure.…