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NDB Cluster 8.0 is Generally Available

MySQL’s NDB Cluster Development team proudly announces NDB Cluster 8.0 General Availability.

NDB 8.0.19 GA is a completely new generation of the world’s highest throughput transactional datastore MySQL NDB Cluster. Some of the key highlights of 8.0 are

  • NDB is now fully aligned with MySQL Server 8.0 and includes the latest server maintenance release
  • Dynamic Memory Management for transaction memory resources removes configuration complexity and allocates transaction resources automatically
  • Up to 4 replicas are fully supported now and allows cluster to maintain 1 to 4 copies of data
  • Cluster capacity has dramatically been increased by supporting more data nodes
  • Once again we raised the performance bar for cluster’s parallel and distributed SQL execution
  • We reworked our entire disk based tables system.