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I am a group replication developer since 2016, just in time of first release of Group Replication on a GA version, 5.7.17. My main focus is improving Group Replication be it by fixing details or adding new features to simplify users life when setting up High Availability solution.

Specify Recovery IP Addresses in Group Replication

Group Replication distributed recovery is one of the key features and until now it was restricted to be executed over one mysql connection point automatically defined on mysql system variables port and host.

With group_replication_recovery_endpoints we can specify through which interfaces can group replication recovery take place for a given member so that it controls where recovery traffic flows in the network infrastructure.…

Group Replication: Preventing stale reads on primary fail-over!

This is a follow up post about the new consistency option of Group Replication group_replication_consistency. We recommend that you first read this post to get an overview of scenarios that can be addressed with this solution.

A group replication cluster will automatically detect failures and adjust the view of the members that are active, i.e.,…