What’s new in MySQL Fabric 1.5.2?

MySQL Fabric 1.5.2 is out. In this release, you will find fixes for some bugs and, specially, new exciting features:

New interface using the MySQL Protocol

Now MySQL Fabric mimics to some extent a MySQL Server. This will foster the MySQL Fabric adoption by other connectors as they will not have to use a XML-RPC protocol.

Provisioning command group

We have started to make MySQL Fabric Cloud Aware and exploit the easiness to spawn new machines in a cloud environment. There is a long road ahead and this is just the beginning.

Command result interface to protocol classes

We have defined a tabular result set format thus making it easy to applications to parse and read it. Each result set is conceptually a table with columns where each column has a name and a type. The name is given as a string and the type is given as a Python data type.

DATETIME and STRING support as sharding keys

Before this release, MySQL Fabric only provided INTEGER support to Range Shards. Now it is possible to use DATETIME and STRING columns as part of the sharding key. Note that Hash Shards do not have any limitation though.

Find out more

We will discuss some of these features in the next blog posts. However, if you attend Oracle Open World, drop by at some of the sessions on MySQL Fabric and learn a little bit more on them:

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