MySQL 8.0.1 Replication Performance Improvements

MySQL 8.0.1 introduces new features and improvements to replication. The next sections summarize some related to performance.

1. WL#9556 – Writeset-based dependency tracking on the master

Transaction writesets can now be used to evaluate which transactions are independent and can be executed in parallel on the binary log applier on the asynchronous slaves.…

More Metadata Is Written Into Binary Log

In row based replication, the row data generated by DML is logged into binary log with some metadata. For example column type, type length etc. In the new release MySQL-8.0.1, more table metadata are written into binary log. All metadata together brings users and us below benefits:

  • Allows us to build robuster replication and convert row data between types smoothly.

Group Replication @ FOSDEM 2017

Early February, we had the please to engage the MySQL community at FOSDEM. Thanks  everybody for a great event and an amazing MySQL Community dinner. We had a great  time.

We did some presentations, while at the MySQL devroom @ FOSDEM 2017, where we  showed some of the interesting, and very technical, aspects of our work on Group  Replication. …