MySQL Utilities release-1.5.5 GA

The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce the latest general availability (GA) release of MySQL Utilities. This release includes a number of improvements for usability, stability, and a few enhancements. A complete list of all improvements can be found in our release notes.

How Can I Download MySQL Utilities?

You can download MySQL Utilities 1.5.5 from the following link using one of the pre-built installation repositories including a source download:

Where is the Documentation?

You can find online documentation for MySQL Utilities version 1.5 at:

About Nuno Mariz

Nuno Mariz is a Software Developer at Oracle. He is the Team lead for the MySQL Utilities and Connector/Python. Nuno is an experienced developer with over 15 years of programming, deployment and scaling web applications, founder/leader of the Portuguese Python User Group and Triathlete.