MySQL Cluster Scores with Pyro and Cell C at the FIFA World Cup – new case study

The Pyro Group has selected the MySQL Cluster database to power their InRoam SDP (Service Delivery Platform). InRoam enables Cell C and their network partners to provide low cost, border-less mobile communications services to hundreds of thousands of football fans from around the world as they descend on South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament.

This new case study can be downloaded from

Solution Overview

  • Pyro InRoam SDP is an intelligent application enabling subscribers to communicate with ease across borders
  • Migrated from a Microsoft platform with SQL Server to offer greater choice and less restrictive licensing
  • MySQL Cluster selected to power the SDP as a result of high transactional throughput, low latency, carrier-grade availability and low cost
  • MySQL Cluster database supports 7 million roaming subscribers per day, performing 1,000 reads or 500 writes per second on up to 1TB of data accessed over SQL and the native NDB C++ API
MySQL Cluster Scores with Pyro and Cell C at the FIFA World Cup

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