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Mats is team lead and head architect for the MySQL High-Availability Team, which maintain and release MySQL Fabric. Mats has been working for MySQL since 2004 and has implemented a number of server features, mainly in replication. Prior to joining MySQL, Mats worked with implementing C and C++ compilers and as a researcher developing algorithms for verification of distributed systems.

MySQL Router on Labs – The Newest Member of the MySQL family

The MySQL team are busily working on improving ways to use MySQL in scalable highly available systems. As most of you are already aware, the MySQL Group Replication project is progressing at full speed. Indeed, we just got preview release 0.5 out, while Fabric 1.5.6 was just released and work is ongoing for the Fabric 1.6 release.…

High-Availability at MySQL Central

This year’s MySQL Central at Oracle Open World was an exhilarating experience. In contrast to the previous year’s MySQL Connect events, MySQL have now got their own Central at the main Oracle Open World. In the previous years, we were always short on time and trying to get a lot of sessions into just two days was just to much.…